How sustainable is your brand and marketing? Could you use some advice?

Practical experience of combining communications, brand, operational marketing and CSR management is difficult to find. If you would like some advice in this area, John would love to talk to you.

Have you seen the future? Getting and sustaining better results these days is about building and nurturing better relationships. That's the key differentiator now. Just reporting good results is no longer enough. You have to be seen to be producing those results with integrity. That means producing them ethically and responsibly and communicating that you have done so.

And that's called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

It's a bit of a mouthful so ignore the jargon for now. CSR and the future of brand and marketing are the same. Think about it as a new and more powerful way of describing your brand. The essence of brand in the 21 st century is sustainable marketing from a place of integrity.

The new power of brand

There's no getting away from the global impact of business communications today. We have transparency at the speed of light in an up-to-the-minute Internet world. Geography is history. What you communicate as an organisation is all over the world in seconds. Today the only brands that are sustainable are those built on integrity.

Put your brand in three different contexts:

  • Your legal duty as an organisation
  • The value you add for stakeholders
  • Your core values at a corporate level

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