Now draw out all the good things you're doing as an organisation in these areas. How much do you shout about them? Can you even identify them? It's these credentials that, when communicated well, bring about self-perpetuating PR - and sustainable marketing. If you view CSR in isolation, your brand will become irrelevant and eventually you'll be out of business. It's a fact. And in marketing your career's exposed in the same way.

Better relationships - inside and out - means better business

But how do you identify these blocks of "goodness" for your communications strategy? You need to gain the trust of the specialists within your organisation - your lawyers, your environmental policymakers, your HR people and so on - to help them voice what they do.

Then, through a common language, you can develop powerful statements for your collateral, press interviews, online content, bid documents - all kinds of media. Building in these new ideas means you stay ahead - proactively - and it will ultimately determine whether you're still able to do business. In the future of brand, neutral is not an option.

The new power of brand

And good is not good enough. Doing a lot of worthy things does not equal a CSR strategy. CSR like every other area of activity should and must be transparently locked into your core strategy CSR helps you:

  • achieve stronger relationships
  • present and promote your credentials and show that it's not just spin
  • gain respect as an early adopter, a progressive team and a step ahead in your industry
  • give your brand an emotional appeal
  • stay magnetised to the top of the performance rankings
  • improve brand positioning and empower your own internal experts to take forward your communications strategy

Better communications means better relationships and better business. And that means a better world. That's CSR. That's sustainable marketing.

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